London’s Tower Bridge turns to be the biggest Bluetooth device

Friday, February 16, 2007

Organizer of Switched-On London lighting festival has turned the London’s Tower Bridge into the world’s biggest Bluetooth device. Multi-color lights were laid across the length of upper walkway and the sensors were put at the end of Tower Bridge detecting every single traveler’s Bluetooth enabled device (mobile phone, PDA, etc.) that pass through the bridge. Those multi-color lights will turn on if the devices pass above them, from distance, it will look like the lights follow the movement of the device’s holder. Yes it is very interesting exhibition we can say and it is very exciting to see despite of the budget they spent for the project.

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Giga-Byte G-Smart q60 mobile TV smartphone

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The second device announced by Giga-Byte during the 3 GSM World Congress is G-Smart q60 which has high similarity as G-Smart t600. They are very similar devices, both of them are mobile TV smartphone, they are manufactured by the same company, they are announced about at the same time, and yes they have similar features. But don’t get confuse, what we want to discuss in here is G-Smart q60, even though many people get messed up with those two devices. Just remember q60 is the one with thumb keyboard and smaller screen, while the t600 has VGA touchscreen and no keyboard.

Straight to the specification, for the connectivity q60 use the same as t600 triband GSM/GPRS/EDGE but q60 support singleband UMTS/HSDPA which t600 does not. It has GPS receiver, powered by XScale CPU with 520 MHz, has inbuilt Bluetooth 2.0 and WiFi b/g. In addition, it supports digital TV and digital DAB radio. Furthermore, there are two cameras at the front and back. The one on the back is 2.1 Megapixels camera and the other one is VGA camera for video telephony over UMTS.

There is no indication for the price yet, it is expected that it will be ready at the market at Q2. It will be released first in Taiwan, followed by Europe.

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Giga-Byte G-Smart t600 supports live TV watching

Giga-Byte Communication announced a couple of Windows 6 mobile devices which features digital terrestrial TV under G-smart brand during the 3 GSM World Congress that was held in Barcelona (12-15 February 2007). It was an annual European event that gathered people across countries to do business and discuss the latest trends in mobile phone industry.

Giga-Byte’s home base is in Taiwan and initially it was well known for its Windows mobile TV solution and analogue TV devices. However, during the event, Giga-Byte came up with fresh concept and exposed two of their mobile TV devices implemented with terrestrial TV feature, the first one is G-Smart t600 and the second is G-smart q60 which will be covered in the next article.

The G-Smart t600 is a Windows 6 Professional smartphone, which supports triband GSM/GPRS, WiFi b/g, Bluetooth 2.0 for its connectivity. It is powered by 520 MHz Xscale CPU, it has 256 Mb ROM and 96 Mb RAM which can be expanded through microSD memory card. Furthermore, it has gorgeous 2.6” VGA touch screen.

The features that are mentioned above is just the basic coverage, the most interesting part and thing that all the attention should be focused on is its TV support which is either DVB-H or DVB-T and its radio support T-DMB and DAB radio. With those complete features you can watch live TV wherever you go as long as you get those coverage supported.

In summary, you are able to make phone call through cellular network and voIP (red.: we reckon), watch live TV, listen to both analogue and digital radio, benefit from the GPS features, enjoy the gorgeous VGA touch screen, in addition it supports TV recording, all of them in one product. But we let the final decision back to you, do you think it is worth to buy?

G-smart t600 will be released in Q2 in Taiwan followed by launch in Europe in early summer. There is no indication of price yet.

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