Finger Touching replaces old mobile phones keypad

Friday, January 12, 2007

The fast pace revolution of technology has changed so many fundamental things, including the way of designing user-friendly mobile phone. For instance, the keypad was initially made big enough for the anatomy of human fingers, so people feel comfortable when using them. Recently the minima-style design has beaten the important aspect which is the usability itself. The size of phone becomes smaller and slimmer, sometimes they made the keypad very close to each other, make them very difficult to be pressed especially for old folks.

Yanko Design has very great solution for the problems above. It is futuristic concept to introduce Finger Touching, wearable devices that take advantage of human finger joints to be an alphanumeric keypad. Human fingers joints, excluding thumb, makes up to twelve buttons and this is smartly made up into 3 x 4 number and letter blocks concept.

wireless gadget, wireless keypad, keypadUsing wireless technology, Finger Touching can be easily used. Place this wireless gadget around your palm, it has small screen displaying the person that you communicate with. The laser projector will display 3 x 4 alphanumeric on to your hands. Then you can start typing your sms.

It is very smart and futuristic idea, but it still remains as a concept. There is no indication yet to make this concept become reality.

For further reading : Yanko Design's product

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