Bluetooth Interface Module merges cell phone with car stereo head unit

Saturday, January 13, 2007

wireless gadget, bluetooth gadget, bluetooth interface module, interface moduleAlpine is one of the leading company in manufacturing mobile media system worked together with Motorolla to produce a Bluetooth interface module, KCE-300BT. It is a device that provides Bluetooth connection inside your vehicle. It performs as a bridge to connect Bluetooth enabled cell phone with Bluetooth head unit (car stereo tape).

Don’t have to mention, nowadays, people rely on their cell phone for communicating. Even this fundamental thing has changed a bit, people have turned to use cell phone as music source and entertainment sources. KCE-300BT acts as a connector, which can allow you to enjoy the music from cell phone through your car stereo system. Transmitting music files is possibly done by head unit with Advance Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) technology.
wireless gadget, bluetooth gadget, bluetooth head unit
There are many types of Alpine’s head unit products. Some types will not only let you to play music but to have full control of music files in your cell phone, such as play, pause, and track forward/backward. AVRCP, Audio Video Remote Control Profile allows you to do that.

Joining Bluetooth enabled cell phone with this wireless gadget will let you to view phone’s information on the car head unit’s display screen. Information such as missed calls, dialed calls, and even caller ID. Some types of head unit are able to display contact info from your cell’s phonebook. So you can navigate and view contact details in your cell's phone book using car head unit, and you can even make a call with that. This will greatly help you to keep focus on driving.

Furthermore, additional service is that allow you to have hands-free calling, this can only be done when using your mobile phone with Bluetooth enabled car stereos that support Bluetooth Head Set (HSP) and Hands-Free Profiles.

For pricing and product’s spec : Alpine

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